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VimLike ::: Text editor that emulates VI/VIM on a basic level


Download Directory See revisions below for details on versions.

VimLike, or as it would have been in it's next iteration, Vilk (Ilk of VI), is available, but un-supported.

Now there's a real port of VIM (http://www.vim.org) for windows and mac, and all kinds of other platforms.

I originally wrote this program out of frustration at not being able to properly use notepad for large files, and from the constant accidental addition of ":wq" to text I was working on. This was during my initial switch to command line compilers (At that time BCC 5.5) and I was still using Windows heavily. It's now so out of date, and the times have changed so much, the files are really only interesting for historical purposes.

If you have comments, questions, send an email to: mrhollow@hollowworks.com, and I will get back with you shortly.

Revision History:
Printing now works like it should. (It used to cut off long lines rather than wrapping them)

Note: This release is beta

vimlike 03a beta

Search and replace can now be set either case sensitive or insensitive. (Check the options menu) Fixed a minor bug with "shift+a"

Note: This release is now beta (technically speaking all other versions were alpha)

vimlike 0.3

yy, dd, and p now supported. The ability to write out a file with a different name than currently open (i.e. :w file.txt) Replace function now takes line numbers rather than character position. Total number of lines in open file now listed on the status bar (5th field from the left) Fixed some general issues that caused replace and find to crash given the right circumstances.

vimlike 0.2b

Fixed a bug with searching and replacing in large files, that caused VimLike to crash.

vimlike 0.2a

Now supports large file opening (50 meg file successfully opened). Previously limited to 64k.

vimlike 0.2

Added i, a, shift+i, shift+a and x to the functions supported.

vimlike 0.1

Doesn't print properly, text longer than the paper is cut off rather than wrapped.